Hi tumblr! I want to share with you my last cover

Bleeding out, by Imagine Dragons - Acappella

Horrible video quality, but I put a lot of feelings here :) 

This song helped me to go through the semi-final of a TV show.

No, I didn’t make it to the final, but I feel very proud of myself. <3 I’m never going to stop believing! 

Skyscraper - Demi Lovato

Hi Tumblr! Today I want to show you my cover of Let it Be by The Beatles. ^^

Hey! This is me singing Just Like A Pill, by P!nk, acapella. I hope you enjoy it! :D I will upload more covers soon! ^^ Please Like & Subscribe if you like it :) And follow me on twitter! Thank you very much! It means a lot :)

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Hi tumblr! This is my first video cover and I want to share it with the world.

Just like a pill - P!nk - Acapella.

Me singing “Dark Paradise” acapella.

Me singing “Isn’t She Lovely” acapella.

Me singing “Isn’t she lovely” acapella.

Me singing “I think I love you” acapella.